Today, I declare a clear intention to live my life’s purpose.
I move beyond fear and into faith and trust.
Spirit supports my vision, values and intentions.
I affirm that my life bursts forth in joy.
And so it is.


MAY Affirmations

The May Affirmations are inspired by the Buddhist Metta Sutta Prayer for Loving Kindness: * May all beings be happy. * May all beings be peaceful. * May all beings be safe. * May all beings awaken to their Divinity. * May all beings be free. I am blessed to affirm this for myself and […]


Our new spiritual Leader, Reverend Duchess Dale, has chosen “RENAISSANCE” as the year 2016 theme for our Center (Renaissance: a period of new growth or activity; a renewal of life, vigor and interest.) The theme for February is “The Big Leap.” To see each Sunday Service program and talk, please click here.