Father’s Day – June 19, 2016

Peace-DoveDear ONE,

Tomorrow is Father’s Day, our typical American opportunity to acknowledge fathers with love and gratitude; or, for some, with forgiveness and blessings.

The recent tragic events in Orlando have colored all our experiences this week and called forth from all of us an opportunity to know, a greater sense of peace and well-being.

Many of our community members and of course, our Practitioners began immediate spiritual mind treatment and prayer. Including prayers to the families of those killed or injured in Orlando, that they will be comforted; and also for the safety of all the amazing people who responded and served to create safety and order we hold each other up with strength, courage and love.
…And we know there is more to do.
Our Santa Fe mayor called for a Prayer Vigil at the downtown plaza last Monday night. We held a Peace Circle event at the Center on Tuesday night where 20 people came to share feelings, concerns, prayers and find solace together.
…And we know there is more to do.

We may offer another sacred circle so that more people will have a chance to briefly share what is on their heart and together we can allow the Presence of Spirit to guide us all back to a sense of inner peace.

Our hearts fill with tenderness at knowing that there are fathers who lost children this week; and we also know that there are children who lost their fathers.

At the close of most services at a Center for Spiritual Living, we close with the ubiquitous anthem written by Jill Jackson and Sy Miller, “Let There Be Peace On Earth”. Most people familiar with that song are unaware that it was written by Religious Science teenagers at the Asilomar camp one summer in 1955.  The intention of this song seems oh so relevant once again.  Please consider listening to the song differently this week and let it saturate into your heart and soul as never before.


Thank you and blessings,
Rev. Duchess Dale, C.S.O.