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Yearly Archives: 2021

January 2022 Affirmations

I recognize the extraordinary in the ordinary. I see awe-inspiring Beauty everywhere I look. I am present with what is.  I am open to the possibilities. I ask new questions and allow the answers to come. I become what I practice. Continue Reading

November 2021 Affirmations

I lift my eyes to the highest and grandest view of Life. I appreciate the Beauty and Grace that dwell within all of creation. Today I live as the Power, Joy, and magnificence of God in Dynamic demonstration. I am grateful for everything I am, do, and have. Continue Reading

September 2021 Affirmation

I believe in myself because I believe in God. I transcend to the totality of all inclusion made manifest. Every step of the way is an extension of my Faith; the further I go, the higher I rise. The power of God rises in me and I am free. Continue Reading

August 2021 Affirmations

Today I am realigned with Spiritual Truth. I take time today to play with and as Spirit! My imagination grows my consciousness and expands my life now. I hear the still small voice expressing its Love through me. Today I re-emerge fully nourished, restored, and renewed. Continue Reading

March 2021 Affirmations

March Theme: Open to Possibilities My life is the embodiment of Spirit’s highest idea of itself as me. The more I release, the more Good I experience. With open arms, I embrace my transformation. I relax and behold God’s grace unfolding as my life.   Continue Reading

February 2021 Affirmations

I am open to the promise of a clean slate which every moment holds. With trust, joy, and delight, I let God be God in me. I am in the Circle of Love which includes and binds all together in everlasting Unity. Love acts through me and the Law of Love free us all. Continue Reading

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