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About Santa Fe CSL

Santa Fe CSL is a spiritual community, living and growing through love, creativity, and service.

The “Science of Mind and Spirit” movement embraced by the Centers for Spiritual Living was founded by New Thought leader Ernest Holmes as a philosophy – not a religion – to affirm our Divine essence. We welcome people from all spiritual traditions and paths to celebrate Spirit in our lives and to join together in fellowship.  Whatever your beliefs, come explore your spirituality and connection to the Divine within a safe, accepting community.

The Santa Fe Center for Spiritual Living is a member of the Centers for Spiritual Living, formerly United Church of Religious Science. Visit for information about our parent organization and the Global Heart Vision.

Santa Fe CSL History

Our Center had a humble beginning in the early 1960s. Dick Gregory, a self promoting salesman, was invited to attend a seminar about the Science of Mind in 1945. He became enthralled with the philosophy that Dr. Ernest Holmes was teaching throughout the country. When he moved to Santa Fe in the 1950s, he started distributing copies of the Science of Mind magazine, which was the only means that articulated the philosophy. By 1960, the distribution from a small downtown bookstore, had reached 100 per month. At that time, an organization that chartered Science of Mind churches did not exist.

The readership of the magazine created enough interest for a discussion group that started in the early 1960s. The group, of about 16 members, had meetings at the downtown First National Bank and discussed the early publications that were distributed by the Science of Mind Institute, based in Los Angeles, California. In 1965, Dr. Robert Stevens, an ordained minister by Dr. Holmes, was invited to come to Santa Fe and instruct the study group. The group reached church status in 1967, and it became the Santa Fe Religious Science Church. It affiliated with the United Church of Religious Science, the new name for the Science of Mind Institute.

The Santa Fe CSL believes:

  • in Joy as the infallible sign of the presence of God; and the holy fire that keeps our purpose warm and our intelligence aglow.
  • in the spiritual power within each of us and that we can use this power to reveal and heal false conditions and beliefs in our lives.
  • in providing inspiration and tools for understanding and using our individual spiritual nature.
  • in welcoming all spiritual seekers to our Center.
  • in the support and prosperity of our  Center through the gifts of time, treasure and talent of all who attend.
  • in changing our world, one thought at a time.

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