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SFCSL Membership

Thinking of Becoming a Member?

Dear Prospective Member,

The Santa Fe Center for Spiritual Living community (SFCSL) is delighted that you are considering formal membership. It is a heartfelt commitment to be part of a larger vision, one that surpasses our own individual interest. It is a dedication to “remembering God and reminding each other.”

SFCSL is devoted to supporting the conscious experience and expression of every individual’s inherent Divine Nature through teaching and practicing the Principles of the Science of Mind.

The value of CSL member is inestimable.  You will be joining a lively, spiritual group of likeminded individuals, who, like yourself, value the exploration of their divine nature.

As a member, we encourage you to participate regularly in our Sunday service, classes and social gatherings. We encourage you to volunteer your time and talents, whether in an ongoing manner or during a specific project.   Finally, we ask that you regularly commit to the practice of conscious giving to our Center, including joining our annual commitment campaign, to support the life of our Center and our belief/practice in the Law of Circulation.

Not sure you are already a member? contact the office at 505-983-5022 or


a. If you are at least 18 years of age, you may begin your membership process by agreeing to your own personal growth as an active, committed member of the SFCSL You may only hold membership in one CSL center.

b. Click here to request a Membership Application form by e-mail, complete and submit it to the Center office. Hard copies are also available at the Center. The form requests a statement of your intention to become a member.  It also asks you to prioritize different activities on how you wish to serve the community.

c. Membership in SFCSL shall be considered active only when the Board of Trustees has confirmed your application.

Upon approval of your membership application by the Board of Trustees, we would like to give you the gift of a six months complimentary subscription of the Science of Mind Magazine.

We bless you in your next step on your spiritual journey.
The CSL Board of Trustees

Membership Application Form

Name: ________________________________________   Date:_____________

Address: _______________________________________ Zip ______________

Phone: _____________________ email: _______________________________

Occupation: ______________________________________________________

Have you been a member of this Center or another Center for Spiritual Living?

NO____      YES____     IF YES, WHERE?_________________________________

What Science of Mind Class(es) or other workshops/seminars have you taken, date/location? ________________________________________________________________



What are your spiritual readings and practices? _______________________________



Reason for desiring membership: _________________________________________




Signature: ________________________________

I wish to contribute to the expansion of the Center’s community by participating in the following activities: Please prioritize by using numbers. 1 = highest preference. (To read about each committee, visit We Are/Committees.)

__Board of Trustees                                                __Practitioner

__Finance Committee                                             __Facility Committee

__Gardening/landscaping Committee                 __Music Committee

__Gift In Action Committee                                  __Outreach Committee

__Multimedia/Audio/Camera Committee          __Caring Committee

__Social Committee                                                 __Membership Committee

__Welcoming Committee                                        __Fund raising Committee

__Vision Committee                                                __Bookstore

__Usher and Greeter                                               __Special Programs/Seminars

__Long Range Planning/Transition Committee

Something of your own creation: __________________________________


Thank you for your willingness to serve your spiritual community.

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