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September 2021 Affirmation

I believe in myself because I believe in God. I transcend to the totality of all inclusion made manifest. Every step of the way is an extension of my Faith; the further I go, the higher I rise. The power of God rises in me and I am free. Continue Reading

August 2021 Affirmations

Today I am realigned with Spiritual Truth. I take time today to play with and as Spirit! My imagination grows my consciousness and expands my life now. I hear the still small voice expressing its Love through me. Today I re-emerge fully nourished, restored, and renewed. Continue Reading

March 2021 Affirmations

March Theme: Open to Possibilities My life is the embodiment of Spirit’s highest idea of itself as me. The more I release, the more Good I experience. With open arms, I embrace my transformation. I relax and behold God’s grace unfolding as my life.   Continue Reading

February 2021 Affirmations

I am open to the promise of a clean slate which every moment holds. With trust, joy, and delight, I let God be God in me. I am in the Circle of Love which includes and binds all together in everlasting Unity. Love acts through me and the Law of Love free us all. Continue Reading

December 2020 Affirmations

Today I embrace the expansion of goodness. I know that all parts of my being are illuminated in. Today Divine Right Order is always in alignment with my greater good. I trust the crooked places to be made straight with faith and trust that all is well, I am the light of my soul. I… Continue Reading

November 2020 Affirmation

Today I choose wisely, compassionately, and decisively to express my authentic self in all that I do. I am and will be a stand for love in this world, no matter who is listening. I am listening and I am engaged. I stand with my body and heart open to goodness, and I know that… Continue Reading

October 2020 Affiemations

I am whole. I am healed. I am loved. I forgive and am forgiven. I am an important part of the whole in a world that works for everyone.. Who I am makes a difference. Today I reflect all of God’s good outwardly. God is!!!!!!      I am !!!!!!    We are!!!!!! Continue Reading

Affirmations September 2020

September Theme:  Facing Fear “Faith is a knowledge within the heart beyond the reach of proof.”  ~Khulil Gibran “When Prayer removes distrust and doubt and enters the field of mental certainty, it becomes faith.”  ~Ernst Holmes “Faith is ever the light of our day and the light on our way.” ~Ernest Holmes “God is hiding… Continue Reading

August 2020 Affirmations

I am one with Divine Intelligence, empowered by it as a point of creative expression. The nature of God’s creation is one of diversity and I delight I all of its creation I see the colorful, wonderful and mystical variances that are expressed uniquely as each one of us. Spirit rocks for loving us so.… Continue Reading

July Affirmations

I recognize and celebrate the truth The infinite lives within me and expresses its Divine Nature in me, as me and through me. I live in Divine Freedom and every day I take action to share that freedom with the world. My Freedom is your Freedom. And so it is By Debra Bryant, RScP   Continue Reading

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