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The Gifts of Motherhood

Motherhood – 5-10-2020 – Mothers Day Lise Knouse On this Mother’s Day, I feel especially grateful first, that I chose to embrace motherhood wholeheartedly, and second, I am grateful for each of my four children that came as a result of that choice. I understand that the path of motherhood is not every woman’s path, nor… Continue Reading

Tell Your Valentine the Truth

  by Gregory Toole     In their book, Gay and Katie describe in clear detail the “moment” unconscious loving begins, so that we have an opportunity to make a different choice and create a conscious relationship, a choice that needs to be made over and over. The choice point occurs when the closeness of… Continue Reading


Richard Knouse R.Sc.P. I find something vaguely disappointing in this obsession with change. Seeking or pushing change is not the same as accepting or embracing it. Do I really want more money, a better job, world peace, a sexy lover or am I willing to embrace the fully dimensional prosperity, the life mission, the profound… Continue Reading

Feel Your Want to Wholeness

Feel Your Way to Wholeness By Rev. Gregory Toole In his book, “Conscious Living,” Gay Hendricks writes “We are doing one thing wrong that is at the root of our problems. We are failing to honor and love our authentic experience and failing to notice the authentic experience of others.“ One clear path to stepping… Continue Reading

Life Surfing

Life Surfing by Richard Knouse RScP Watching the skillful surfer cut across the face of the giant wave, I can’t help but notice that the surfboard lacks a motor. There is no paddle, no steering mechanism, no moving parts. The board passively mediates a continuous dialog between the surfer and the wave. Nothing the surfer… Continue Reading

Perfection by Richard Knouse RScP

I am experimenting with choosing to accept life as a perfection to be revealed rather than a problem to be solved. Some days the perfection remains determinedly hidden and the problems act like needy children demanding my attention. Facts can be very patient; pretending that facts are not factual doesn’t change their behavior. So let… Continue Reading


“Dear Rev. Duchess, We felt warmly welcomed by the people at your Santa Fe Center for Spiritual Living when we recently visited.  We really enjoyed the Sunday services.  We felt spiritually uplifted and were lovingly and warmly embraced by everyone we met at the Center.  We look forward to attending services each time we visit… Continue Reading

December Affirmations

December Affirmations

Today and every day, I believe in the highest and the best unfolding through me. Awakening to the still, small voice within, I honor my inner guidance. I am always held in the safe, loving embrace of the Holy Presence. I am grateful for all I have and I prepare myself to give and receive… Continue Reading

November Affirmations

November Affirmations

I declare that my life is good. I see the good in all experiences that come my way. No matter what, I look for and see the good in all. For this I am grateful. Written by Eugene Holden, R.Sc.P (November 2018 issue of Science of Mind Magazine) Continue Reading

Dr. Sue Morter Video (click here)

Dr Sue will be speaking at Santa Fe Center for Spiritual Living an 10:15 -11:30am.  She will also host a workshop “Energy Medicine and Quantum Self-Healing: Embodying the Soulful Self for an Integrated Spiritual Life” from 1:00 to 4:00.  Please enjoy this video by Dr. Sue. Quantum Science delivers an inspiring new invitation for our spiritual… Continue Reading

Letter to the President

Dear Mr. President: We write to add our voices to those crying out for an end to the immoral practice of separating children from their families at the U.S. border. On behalf of the more than three million of our religious supporters in the United States and worldwide, we ask, as do our brothers and… Continue Reading

Keeping Parents and Children Together: A Call for Humanity

“Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me” ~ Matthew 25:40, 45, The Holy Bible (NIV) The spectacle of children of refugees, most fleeing violence in their homelands, being separated, often with force, from the arms of their parents at… Continue Reading

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