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Richard Knouse R.Sc.P.

I find something vaguely disappointing in this obsession with change. Seeking or pushing change is not the same as accepting or embracing it. Do I really want more money, a better job, world peace, a sexy lover or am I willing to embrace the fully dimensional prosperity, the life mission, the profound knowing that all is well, the ever-unfolding opportunity to Love that Spirit would bless me with if I were truly open to my highest good?

To accept change is to remain centered in Self, unmoved in the presence of change. To embrace change is to allow all the opportunity that change reveals. Attachment is an obstacle. To seek, to endorse, to promote, to resist change, these are all based in judgment and are therefore strategies of the human mind to remain attached, to be less than free.

Pure freedom is my birthright. Spirit loves all and is not bound or moved by anything. As surely as change comes, so surely it goes. Spirit is the Source and Life is the Nature of change. I am and that is all.

And so it is.

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