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Executive Committee

The President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer of the Board of Trustees make up the Executive Committee and may call for a meeting to address special issues that may arise. The Committee maintains communication with the Board of Trustees.


Facilities/Garden Committee

Jess Clemens (505) 699-3403  Click to email
Become a Gardening Volunteer! The Center maintains a peaceful courtyard garden retreat for the benefit of the community. Come join us as we maintain and develop this inviting space. If you are interested, or have questions, contact Jess.

Financial Committee

Vanessa Montoya (505) 927-7388
The Financial Committee in conjunction with the Center’s Treasurer develops an annual budget for Board of Trustees’ approval; monitors the efforts of the Center’s bookkeeper; monitors and reports monthly on the financial health of the Center; and makes recommendations if adjustments are necessary.

Fundraising Committee

Organizes fund raising activities. Approximately half of the annual costs of operating our SFCSL facility and offering the Sunday services are covered by committed givers and Sunday service donations. Blessings and thank you to all who support us!! We are a not-for-profit organization. The goal of fundraising is to cover the other half of the expenses of salaries, facilities upkeep, utilities and insurances so that the Center operates as seamlessly as possible throughout the year. Please call or e-mail Annie if you have fund raising ideas and/or if you would like to serve on this rewarding committee that is so vital to the well-being of our Center.

Gifts in Action Committee

Vanessa Montoya (505) 927-7388
“Gifts in Action” is a giving back program whereby the Center returns a certain percentage of its income to support worthy causes.  Organizations supported during the past year included “Esperanza Shelter for Battered Families,” “The Pamoja Project,” and “Stand Up for Kindness.”


Long Range Planning Committee

The Long Range Planning Committee determines, with the Board of Trustees, long term issues for resolution. Meets as needed.
Members: Jim Patterson, Walter Drew, Hal Bolton, Annie Callender, John Hatch and Lin Nowicki, RScP.

Marketing (including Outreach and Social Media) Committee

Rev. Duchess Dale – (505) 983-5022 Click to email
The Marketing and Outreach Committee is responsible for making CSL known in the Santa Fe area.   Our focus is on cultivating meaningful relationships in the community and overseeing matters related to marketing which includes utilizing social media and creating marketing materials that share our message.

Social Media design social media pages and administer them. –  Peggy Sherburne  303-730-8012  Click to email

Membership/Welcoming/Volunteers Committee

Judy Blaise, RScP (505) 424-8429 Click to email
Do you want to be an Official Member of Santa Fe CSL? Any individual person, at least 18 years of age, may become a member upon filling in an application, wherein that person asserts that they are committing themselves to personal spiritual growth and to be a supportive and active member of the Santa Fe Center for Spiritual Living.
– If you are not sure you are a registered member, contact the office at (505) 983-5022 Click to email
– If you would like to become a member, please contact the office and a membership form will be e-mailed back to you. Click to email

Multi-Media Communications Committee

Gershon Siegel (505) 699-1720 Click to email
Vision/Purpose: to expand the reach of the CSL message through “new media” to local and remote audiences, and to generate revenue and increase awareness of SFCSL through non-CSL multimedia events.

– Music: enhances spiritual growth with singing, playing and supporting musical guests.
Music Director: Lydia Clark (505) 501-2606 Click to email
For full details go to our Music page here

– Audio/Visual Team sets up the stage with lighting, sets up and operates sound equipment, oversees the production of Sunday services and CSL events. Also hires out to Center Stage renters for services they require.




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