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Dancing with Life

“Sometimes we can’t choose the music life gives us, but we can choose to dance.” #happyacts

Attempting to heal a chronic injury, a physical therapist suggested that while we working together, I should refrain from any type of exercise-including dancing. I was not amused but I agreed. This advice not only made me grumpy, it ended up doing little to heal the injury.

Months later, I am embarking on a new approach by returning to NIA classes and joining a gym for the first time in many years.

With the winter weather, I pulled out my old Danskin leg-warmers that I have had since my Disco days (daze?). I have kept them even through my non-dancing days because they reminded me of a part of former my professional life. With every spring cleaning, I have been unwilling to part with these leg-warmers. As you might imagine, they are tattered and showing their wear and age. I began to ponder this spiritually (as I tend to do with all things) and tried to liken it to something in my current life. What thoughts or patterns have I also been unwilling to release?

Despite the sentimentality, these leg-warmers are no longer effective because they have stretched out and don’t stay up on my calves.
Yet, I have had them for so long–they are familiar and comfortable and… and…

It is now time to part with items or ideas and that no longer serve me. It is time for new leg-warmers that will keep my legs warm and flexible, to match new thoughts that will keep my mind flexible, too

After this realization, I headed to my NIA class where I got immediate confirmation as the instructor told us she chose the theme for the class that day: Self-Healing, Dance with Life.

Affirm: “Today, I choose to dance with Life. I choose to move to the music of the Universe in harmony with my highest good for my body mind and soul. And so it is.”

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