Empath, My Path

It’s almost redundant to mention the challenges we are all dealing with that not only saturate our news feed but are taking an emotional toll on many of us as individuals.

Although I usually endeavor to espouse the advice Don Miguel Ruiz offers …”don’t take anything personally” more often than not, I find that easier said than done. Especially if one is a full-blown (almost card-carrying) empath.

There is so much sadness, grief and even anger being felt about current events, that it is requiring a heightened level of mindfulness to get through one’s day.  I am grateful that I have such a deep spiritual practice to allow me to navigate the emotions I feel as well as the emotions I feel from others.

The state of empathy, or being empathic, is to perceive the internal frame of reference of another with accuracy and with the emotional components and meanings which pertain thereto as if one were the person.” Carl Rogers

For example, today, after repeated, frustrating attempts I managed to get the second in a sequence of  large spiders out of the house and away from my overly-inquisitive dog and cat –and from me– as I am extremely allergic to insect bites.  It would have been oh, so much easier to simply justify the situation by eliminating the spiders permanently.  I could not do that.  In addition to my usual kinship with all life, I couldn’t eradicate the spiders because there has been enough violence and death lately.

Perhaps you are not an empath and just sensitive to life.  Dr. Judith Orloff in her online class based on her latest book, “The Empath’s Survival Guide”  talks about the fact that the world is in a transitional phase, a quickening. The trials and tribulations everyone is facing is bringing out more empathic responses from more people than ever before.

(You can also attend one of our Wisdom Wednesday Empath Support Circles facilitated by Maurean Palmer, R.Sc.P.)

If you find yourself being more sensitive, edgier, moodier, quick to anger or just plain out-of-sorts, I want to give you  an invitation and permission to take a little more self-care than usual.  You may or may not be an empath–you might just be subject to the overwhelming sense of discouragement, frustration or confusion that is being felt by so many other people.  You are tapping into the race consciousness at at time when that vibration is seriously being rocked.

The stress and strain of today’s circumstances are also a call for each of us on the spiritual path to be more vigilant in our practices. If you attend our services, consider taking advantage of one of our “One-Minute Miracles” sitting with a licensed practitioner for prayer after Sunday service. Do what you know works for you to feel grounded and safe.  Be sure you are getting plenty of water and rest, too. Prayer and contemplation will become sacred touchstones for your well-being.

Whoever you are on your spiritual path, you are enough and you are loved.

And so it is.


Rev. Duchess Dale





  1. Thank you! Splendid and so relevant .

  2. Holly Stults says:

    Thank you, Duchess, this is very helpful. I also feel we all can make a difference by letting our voice heard to the relevant member of Congress. Let them know your opinion because it matters and how else will we win? Our frustration can do good when aimed at the proper target.

  3. Judy Blaise says:

    Thank you – balm for the heart broken open!

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