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Will Sharon is our Guest Speaker this Sunday, March 17th

March 17, 2019 @ 10:15 am – 11:30 am
Santa Fe Center for Spiritual Living
505 Camino de los Marquez

Let’s give a warm welcome to our guest speaker,

His message is titled “Gifts from the Dark Night of the Soul”

Will Sharon spent the first 13 years of his adult life working in clinical settings, initially as a teacher in the children’s unit of a state hospital and then as a therapist at the VA clinic in Manhattan. In his early 30’s he spent a few years earning a living as an actor on soap operas, bar tending during the slow periods and attending law school for a year and a half. This all came to an end when he taught himself the basics of technology and landed a job on Wall Street. What followed was a 30 year corporate career in IT, real estate and risk management. The phone would ring and he would be offered increasingly complex projects with loftier titles and more money.

And then, at the age of 57 (on his birthday, in case he missed the point) and at the pinnacle of his career as the CIO of a global advertising firm, he was fired. Over the next several years he lost everything that he had worked for and descended into the Dark Night of the Soul. The experiences of those years were many and varied and ultimately saved his life. Among other things, he began to write down his dreams, laying the ground for the work his does now.

He now lives in Santa Fe with his partner Ann and his dog Jack, all three of them rescued.

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