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“In All Things, Give Thanks….”

Let the holiday season gently begin as I share this recent post from author, John Pavolvitz. He manages to capture my feelings so well this week–and maybe yours. Happy Thanksgiving and many blessings to one and all. Rev. Duchess

“Hello Friends,

And so it begins … We’re at the very precipice of the spot on the calendar commonly referred to as “the holiday season;” a time marked by many national and religious days of significance, and all the reverie and reverence that comes with them. For many people these are days filled with expectancy and lightness, but for some of us, they are heavy days. In both beautiful and painful ways, the holidays tend to be a magnifier, making our connections feel deeper—but also making our separations seem wider.

Whether distanced from loved ones through death or divorce, through geography, disagreement, or the end of a relationship, this time of year can make hope hard to come by. Combine that with a seasonal pop culture peer pressure to be especially joyful this time of year, and we can find ourselves struggling to measure up.

What I’d like to give you, as an early holiday gift, as we walk into this season—is permission; not to have it all together, not to be perpetually jolly, to not have to hide the real tension between celebration and grief. Give thanks and feel joy as you can—but be OK with the other stuff too.

Here’s to a holiday you enter into, just as you are.”

Be encouraged.
John Pavolvitz
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