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Past 2019 Talks

“Mindful, Heartful, Grateful!” by Rev. Lin Nowicki, 11/3/2019


“The Missing Link” by Donald Graves


“Claiming Your Wholeness: Healing the Pain Body” by Rev. Gregory Toole


“What it Means to be Whole, Perfect and Complete” by Rev. Gregory Toole


“That Bloody Onion” by Debra Bryant RScP



“ENOUGH is as good as FEAST” by Rev Lin Nowicki


“Prosperity is Your Devine Prosperity” with Rev. Gregory Toole


“In a Beginning: Growing Where We Are Planted” by Dr. Wayne Muller


“I Now Pronounce You….Not Guilty by Armand and Angelina


“Doing the Right Thing” by Debra Bryant




“Moving Beyond Our Story” by Rev. Gregory Toole


“What If It All Goes RIGHT?” by Mindhi Audlin


“What Now?” by Curt Condie


“Poetry in Motion” by Rev. Lin Nowicki


“The Freedom to Make a Self Loving Choice” by Tammi Lambert


“Tag: You’re It” by Eugene Holden


“The Unexpected Harvest of Two Unlikely Communities“ By Dr. Wayne Muller


“Follow the Yellow Brick Road” by Rev. Lin Nowicki


“People Will Know Us by the Way We Treat Each Other”. by Dr. Wayne Muller


“All Different, All Alike” by Tracy Brown RScp


“What’s New in Your World” by Rev. Lin Nowicki


“Blessed Here Now” by Wayne Muller


“R I S E!” by David Goldberg


“Get Real” by Rev. Masanto Hiroaka


“Anything is Possible – If You Just Believe” by Debra Bryant March 31, 2019


“Nevertheless” by Wayne Muller March 24, 2019


“Gift From the Dark Night of the Soul” by Will Sharon, March 17, 2019


“What Do You Do When You Don’t Know” by Rev. Lin Nowicki, March 10, 2019


February 24, 2019 “Lame Ducks Can Still Fly” by Rev. Duchess Dale


February 17, 2019 “Love or Fear-You Choose “Getting my God groove on” Michael Beckwith by Debra Bryant


February 10, 2019, Taize Prayer Service with Rev. Duchess, Lydia Clark and our Practitioners.


February 3, 2019 “Bowled Over” by Duchess Dale


January 20, 2019 “Holmes is Where the Heart Is” by Rev. Duchess Dale


January 6, 2019 :Epiphany” Rev. Duchess Dale


Dec 30, 2019 “Say That” by Rev. Lin Nowicki


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