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Perfection by Richard Knouse RScP

I am experimenting with choosing to accept life as a perfection to be revealed rather than a problem to be solved. Some days the perfection remains determinedly hidden and the problems act like needy children demanding my attention. Facts can be very patient; pretending that facts are not factual doesn’t change their behavior.

So let me offer a principle and a practice that has made a difference for me over time. The principle is that whatever holds my attention grows in my life. Wishing that the bad would go away feeds the bad just as powerfully as fearing that the bad will never end. So where else can I put my attention?

How about a small bit of perfection like the expectant vigor that new buds take on as winter surrenders to spring or how the smell of fresh coffee transforms morning into a welcoming embrace or how the sparkle of sunlight finds the sharp corner of every piece of the glass I just dropped on the floor. This habit of looking for something to appreciate is called gratitude. Gratitude is the practice of noticing the evidence of perfection even in small things. It works on large things too.

Contrary to common practice, the time for gratitude is before the hidden miracle reveals itself. The consistent practice of gratitude primes the pump of life so that the nourishing waters of abundance can fulfill desires.

So I invite you to join me right now to gather up all the evidence of perfection you can find. And have a glorious day.

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