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The Prayer Hopper

by Rev. Duchess Dale

What a man takes in by contemplation, that he pours out in love. Meister Eckhart.
Prayer changes everything because it releases Gods wisdom into your circumstances.”
Whenever I want to contemplate something specific for deep prayerful attention, I always say I am tossing it into My Prayer Hopper. Over the years, I have noticed the quizzical looks that sentence engenders.  It took me awhile to realize that many people don’t have the same reference point I do (that often happens) and especially, for most people the Hopper usually refers to the kangaroo mascot associated with dish TV.
As a kid I loved watching game shows.  Usually, at the critical point of the program, the host would call out Spin the Hopper! the music would swell and the lovely assistant would draw out the ping pong ball to announce the winning number. That is how it feels for me when I place certain situations and prayer requests into My Hopper.
Translating all that into a spiritually adult perspective, it simply means that I take the concern, the situation or the prayer request and turn it over to Spirit. To further this metaphor, I turn over my request to Infinite Intelligence and the wheel of Consciousness spins its way to clarity. God/Spirit becomes my Host/Hostess and assists me in drawing forth the good I seek. My answer, my direction, my winning number’ emerges from the Hopper and I feel fulfilled and grateful.
We each can create a real or mental container in which we place our needs, wants and desires.  We surrender it over to the Game of Life Host/Hostess and allow it to be handled for us, through us.  For me, putting a prayer request into My Hopper allows me to detach and engage the powerful activity of the Universe to do amazing work revealing the higher truth and the right action being called forth.
My mind is open and receptive to the Universal spin of Spirit to reveal divine right action and guidance. I am a winner in the Game of Life. 
Rev. Duchess Dale

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  1. I love the imagery of seeing myself putting my concern or problem into The Hopper and once knowing it will be taken care of. This is such a powerful way of shutting down the “monkey mind” by telling it is not needed because the Hopper has it.

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