Changing our world,
one thought at a time.

Sunday Services

Rev. Gayle Dillion

Special Music
Madi Sato

Sunday, April 21, 2024 • “To be announced”

Is This the Place I’m Looking For?

  • A place where we honor people from all walks of life and embrace all Spiritual paths.
  • A place where whatever your lifestyle or journey, our Center is ready to embrace, love, and accept you as you are.
  • A place where we explore faith in a loving environment.
  • A place where we know that there is a power for good in the Universe, and you can use it.
  • A place where we know that the essence of who you are is Love and Peace and that this healing. Power is always available to you.
  • A place to experience God without fear, sin, hell, or damnation,
  • A place where we know that changing your thoughts change your life.

“A world that works for everyone”

Spiritual Growth


April Week 2

Monthly Theme Summary: In those flashes when we are conscious of our Oneness there is an openness and all-encompassing Love. In all the other moments in our lives, we need or, really, deserve Giant Gentleness. This month we remember that gentleness is actually a powerful thing. And giant gentleness opens us up to who we say we want to be. It lets all the moments of our lives be sacred and holy, even the sucky ones.

Most Recent Sunday Service

“Inspiration Service”
4-14-2024 Rev Len Schreiling

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