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Our Spiritual Leadership

Through the use of careful listening and affirmative prayer, our ministers  and practitioners support people who experience physical or emotional anguish, or who desire a new perspective for their lives. This is done using the teaching and principles of The Science of Mind, providing educational material and prayer. Working with a Practitioner is so valuable in helping to remove the hidden beliefs and the wounding feelings that can prevent us from accomplishing our greatest good.

We recognize that every once in a while, we are all in need of help. The Universe does not expect us to walk our life’s journey alone. Our philosophy encourages us to seek Oneness within ourselves and with the world around us – to give and to receive. To that end, we have trained professional practitioners that can assist you at times of need and aspiration.

All of the sessions are kept non-judgmental and strictly confidential. Typically, each session is one hour in duration. Though practicing  affirmative prayer (also called a Spiritual Mind Treatment) is free, there is a fee for a licensed professional’s time. The fee is negotiable with each Practitioner. Please feel free to call ahead of time to make an appointment and/or to learn about their schedule availability and fee structures.

Our professional CSL-licensed practitioners are available and ready to help with any type of situation.
Feel free to contact the practitioner of your choice to discuss your needs and/or make an appointment. Please scroll down for their contact information and brief, personal video clips.

JUDY BLAISEJudy Blaise, RScP – (505) 424-8429   e-mail

Judy Blaise was licensed as a Religious Science Practitioner in 1990.  She lives within the Truth of the Oneness of all Life.  She is devoted to embodying the Principles of Science of Mind, to experiencing Divine Love, and to seeing all people and situations as Spirit – whole, perfect, radiant Light expressing through form.  As a member of Santa Fe CSL’s Practitioner Core, she loves teaching classes, workshops, visioning, and meditation, as well as one-on-one spiritual sessions, the core of which is our powerful healing tool, Spiritual Mind Treatment.





DEBRA BRYANTDebra Bryant, R.Sc.P. – (505) 699-6091    e-mail
Debra loves the journey as a Practitioner which began in 2005. She is also the Executive Director of Stand Up For Kindness and she holds a vision of living in a community and world where everyone is honored, valued and respected and Kindness is the language.

She is an ardent Religious Scientist and is continually inspired by the teaching of our founder, Ernest Holmes. She knows that no matter what may come our way, there is no pit deeper than God’s love and is inspired to hold this truth for others. Sharing the wisdom of our tradition through prayer, individual sessions, workshops and Sunday messages feeds her soul. Our motto “changing our world one thought at a time” is a guiding principle to her and she love to assist others in experiencing the freedom and peace found in embodying the principles of the Science of Mind.



LISE KNOUSELise Knouse, R.Sc.P. – (505) 501-3385   e-mail
LiseKnouse has been interested in the metaphysical all her life. In high school, while growing up Episcopalian, she read many books by Indian Yogis and practiced yoga, standing on her head daily, fasting and taking hot and cold baths. Later, in her early 20’s she learned and practiced TM meditation and the TM siddhis. She explored all manner of Spiritual practices and was privileged to meet many Spiritual leaders, including Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Stuart Grayson, Eric Butterworth, Mother Meera, Ammachi, Karunamayi, Gangaji, John Gray and Barbara DeAngelis.

She had a career as a dancer, choreographer and teacher, followed by marriage and the birth of 4 wonderful children at home. All of her children played violin through the Suzuki Method. As they grew older, she founded and directed the Santa Fe Suzuki Institute. She has volunteered with La Leche League for 28 years. Currently, she is a Realtor with Keller Williams Realty in Santa Fe and helps individuals and families joyously buy and sell their homes.

She discovered Religious Science in the early 1980’s in New York City and has loved, benefited from and become passionate about the philosophy of Ernest Holmes. She gratefully and joyfully became a Religious Science Practitioner in 2015.



LIN NOWICKIRev. Lin Nowicki – (505) 310-0157    e-mail
Lin Nowicki has been member of Santa Fe CSL since 1984, and a licensed Practitioner since 1993, earning Practitioner Emeritus status in 2013. A recent graduate of Holmes Institute School of Spiritual Leadership with a certificate in Consciousness Studies, she became a Licensed CSL Minister in August 2018.
With multiple careers spanning the gamut from hippie farming, to fine art, to accounting, real estate and property management, her heart lies with coaching, teaching, and speaking grounded in this amazing philosophy we call the Science of Mind. Her articles and short stories have appeared in national publications including Mother Earth News, the Christian Science Monitor, and Science of Mind Magazine. Her vision is her own pulpit ministry within the Centers for Spiritual Living before the end of this year



RICHARD KNOUSERichard Knouse, R.Sc.P. – (505) 429-5525   e-mail
Richard’s life-long spiritual journey has carried him through many personal transformations: the battlefields of Vietnam and Wall Street, the astonishing clarity of the Vale of Kashmir, the bleakness of the American street, and the embracing mystery of the Land of Enchantment. He has been a husband, a father, a sadhu, a software engineer and a business consultant. Along the way he has been blessed with the personal presence of many of the leading spiritual leaders of our time, including Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Mata Amritananda Mayi.

He discovered Religious Science in New York in the 80’s and became a Religious Science Practitioner in 2015. Life can be a problem to be solved or a perfection to be revealed; it’s just a matter of perspective. As a licensed practitioner, guiding others to find their personal miracle has become his favorite thing to do.



Maurean Palmer, RScP – (505) 469-7763   e-mail
“Celebrating Humanity and Recognizing Divinity in everyday living, with Practical Spirituality” This is my Mission and Ministry in a nut shell! I am so honored to be a Licensed Practitioner Since 2004.

Science of Mind and The New Thought Movement became an active part of my life in 2000, when I moved to Sun City, Arizona from Lacuna Beach, California, to care for my Mother who had become blind. I quickly became a member of The Valley Church of Religious Science and began classes, classes and more classes. I also took my Mom and she took classes, with my help and The Science of Mind Textbook on CD,  we  learned about and explored SOM together. A series of strokes ultimately led to Mom’s transition in 2008. At the moment of her death, literally in my arms, I realized that the Spirit Never dies. I know without a doubt that we are all connected in the Oneness! AND that Scientific Prayer, Spiritual Mind Treatment and Meditation are fantastic tools for Living a Joy filled life!

Women and World Religions, Human Services and Victimology at Saddleback College, Mission Viejo
Early Childhood Development at Pasadena City College

I am passionate about Empowering Empaths and teaching forgiveness and gratitude practices.

I married  Alan Palmer on November 11, 2011 and moved to Santa Fe ,New Mexico in 2013. We practice life together as we walk this planet in love and service. Please contact me for a Joyful experience.


Our Practitioners Intention Statement

The licensed Practitioners of Santa Fe Center for Spiritual Living are stewards of spiritual awakening dedicated to revealing the perfection of all life.  With authentic, deep listening and compassion, we actualize healing and transformation through affirmative prayer.

Spiritual Support
Our Practitioners serve this community in many ways.
In addition to their daily spiritual practice, offering “One-Minute Miracles” after service,
you can now call in any time day or night for a weekly uplift recorded by one of our licensed practitioners.
Call 1-505-595-1100

giftBirthday Gift for Our Members!

As a special gift to the members of the Santa Fe Center for Spiritual Living, the Practitioners offer to you the gift of a free session during your birthday month. Contact any Practitioner (listed above) during your birthday month, if you wish to take advantage of this membership perk.


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