Awaken your authentic self with prayer, meditation, visioning and affirmations.

Our Spiritual Practices

If you are seeking inspiration for your spiritual journey to true awakening, Centers for Spiritual Living provides easy-to-use tools to nurture your inner self/your soul, so that you can live an inspired, healthy and happy life.


Santa Fe CSL, we practice a form of affirmative prayer called “Spiritual Mind Treatment.” Affirmative prayer is a practical tool that aligns our thoughts with all-good. Affirmative Prayer is a powerful process that shifts our consciousness so that we are open and available to accept the good already present in our lives.

How We Pray

How We Pray

Affirmative Prayer is a prayer that declares a spiritual Truth. It is a recognition of Spirit’s Omniscience, Omnipotence, and Omnipresence, and a realization of humanity’s unity with Spirit. Affirmative Prayer is a powerful method for setting the Creative Process into motion. It is direct, focused, and organized method using five steps to get to your desired outcome:

  1. Recognition (God Is All There Is)
  2. Unification (I Am One with God)
  3. Realization (Speaking Your Desired Good)
  4. Thanksgiving (Grateful Acceptance) and
  5. Release (Let Go, Let God)


Meditation is a tool that can put us in touch with the spiritual reality of life. It quiets our minds, relaxes our bodies, and focuses our attention. From this centered place, we can make choices based on an understanding of our individual place in the cosmic order and our personal experience of God as the Creative Power in our lives.


The purpose of visioning is to provide a place in consciousness where God’s idea is revealed. Visioning differs from visualization in that we are allowing the divine idea to emerge rather than using our imagination to focus on manifesting specific things. It is an open and receptive state of consciousness, much like meditation.


“It is done to you as you believe.” ~Ernest Holmes

Affirmations are statements we make about our being and our lives. The word affirmation means “something validated, made firm.” An affirmation is a desired state in present-tense terms as if it is already manifest in our lives. With affirmations, we can reprogram our minds. When you repeat them often and believe in them you can start to make positive changes.

How To Write An Affirmation

Writing Affirmations

Make them personal – I am… I know… I let…

Make them short – one sentence if possible

Write them in the present tense – never use the past or future tense

Make the vocabulary personal to you – use your own manner of speaking

Be specific, but do not outline – state what but not how


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