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At Santa Fe Center for Spiritual Living, we practice conscious giving.

“As I give, so do I receive…”

As an organization, we practice the Universal Law of Circulation that as we give of our time, talents, and money it is returned to us multiplied. Your tax-deductible gift to SFCSL helps us to extend the philosophy of Science of Mind while flourishing as a spiritual center and supporting our community.  Your gift also confirms that this life-affirming philosophy of Science of Mind and Spirit is making a difference in your own life.

General contributions go to support our operations at SFCSL; in addition to providing our message to the world via our live streaming and video archives.    We practice what we teach and tithe 10% of donations back into the community to local charities; and also to seed projects, such as the Pamoja Project that helps children with AIDS in Tanzania.

You will receive a tax form via email, and/or via your billing address at the end of the year. Thank you for sharing your abundance!


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