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Santa Fe CSL is a spiritual community, living and growing through love, creativity, and service.

Meet Our Community

Getting Involved

Join a volunteer team at SFCSL that suits your interests. Deepen your relationships within our community while contributing to the Center’s operations and allow yourself to receive the bountiful gifts of Sacred Service. It’s a great, easy way to be of service to the Center while meeting and greeting our existing community as well as newcomers.

Volunteer 2

Make friends, have fun, and experience the gifts of Sacred Service!


FUNDRAISING TEAM:   Contact Annie Callender at (505) 699-4327 or e-mail
Team members create events FUN events that also raise funds to support our programs and offerings.

GREEN/LANDSCAPE TEAM: Contact Mike Hampton at  (760) 218-8984 or e-mail  Team members care of the garden and landscaping.  Several Garden Parties occur throughout the year.

Team members plan opportunities for members of our community to interact and connect with one another.  They arrange events including the potlucks, Sunday snacks, music events, picnics, and dinner dance.  This team is an important Sunday Service Team as well.

MULTI-MEDIA TEAM:  Open position.
Team members set up and monitor all audio/visual equipment for the service, work the cameras for live streaming, prepare archived files for the website, and so much more!

MUSIC TEAM: Contact Peggy Sherburne at 303-730-8012   e-mail

Members include the Music Director, Song Leaders, and the Minister.  Select and perform Sunday service music.


Interested, want to know more? take a look at all the opportunities listed below and find a team or teams which would be a good fit for you. Then,  contact Debra Bryant, RScP for further information and to be included in a team (505) 669-6091 e-mail

“Work is Love Made Visible” ~ Khalil Gibran

Spiritual practice includes Play, Joy, Participation!
Come and play with us by stepping into service and volunteer!



Becoming a Member

Dear Prospective Member,

The Santa Fe Center for Spiritual Living community (SFCSL) is delighted that you are considering formal membership. It is a heartfelt commitment to be part of a larger vision, one that surpasses our own individual interest. It is a dedication to “remembering God and reminding each other.”

SFCSL is devoted to supporting the conscious experience and expression of every individual’s inherent Divine Nature through teaching and practicing the Principles of the Science of Mind.

The value of being an SFCSL member is inestimable..  You will be joining a lively, spiritual group of likeminded individuals, who, like yourself, value the exploration of their divine nature.

As a member, we encourage you to participate regularly in our Sunday service, classes and social gatherings. We encourage you to volunteer your time and talents, whether in an ongoing manner or during a specific project.   Finally, we ask that you regularly commit to the practice of conscious giving to our Center, including joining our annual commitment campaign, to support the life of our Center and our belief/practice in the Law of Circulation.

Not sure you are already a member? contact the office at 505-983-5022 or


a. If you are at least 18 years of age, you may begin your membership process by agreeing to your own personal growth as an active, committed member of the SFCSL You may only hold membership in one CSL center.

b. Fill out our online membership application. Hard copies are also available at the Center. The form requests a statement of your intention to become a member.  It also asks you to prioritize different activities on how you wish to serve the community.

c. Membership in SFCSL shall be considered active only when the Board of Trustees has confirmed your application.

Upon approval of your membership application by the Board of Trustees, we would like to give you the gift of a six months complimentary subscription of the Science of Mind Magazine.

We bless you in your next step on your spiritual journey.
The SFCSL Board of Trustees

Community Events and Classes

Ongoing community meetings, groups and classes take place in our auditorium or smaller meeting room. Check out what’s happening at Santa Fe CSL!

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