Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees News

Welcome aBoard, Michael Hampton!

The Board of Trustees has had a vacancy on the Board for over a year.  We have been looking for someone to appoint and happily, SFCSL is thrilled to welcome Michael Hampton, Sr.!   Mike Hampton has been a member of SFCSL since 2012 and has supported the Center in many ways over the years. His insight, unique experience, and willingness to be of service is a tremendous gift not only to the Board of Trustees but to the Santa Fe Center for Spiritual Living community. For the past three months, Mike has been sitting in on meetings and after our last meeting, he agreed to joining us.  Thank you, Mike.

Looking for additional Board of Trustees Members

The SFCSL Board of Trustees (BOT) is also looking for additional new members as we will have two trustees completing their term this month. If you are called to serve and would like to find out more about the SFCSL Board of Trustees (BOT), please speak to a current BOT member.  Thank you.

The current Officers and Committee Liaisons are as follows:

PresidentAnnie Callender
Vice-PresidentRosemari Cano
TreasurerVanessa Montoya
SecretaryJudy Blaise
Trustees – Jess Clemens, Gershon Siegel, Michael Hampton and Rev. Duchess Dale

SFCSL Bylaws

The current bylaws have been approved both by our Board of Trustees and our Members: Click here to view our approved bylaws.

Committee Liaisons

Please click here to read about the SFCSL’s Committees.